Wednesday, June 26, 2013

currently in progress

As usual, I have about four projects going at once - but the one currently occupying the majority of my attention is the latest installment in my fixation on long floaty dresses.   Simplicity 1801 was an unusual choice for me, as I usually avoid waist gathers like the plague, but I'm using a very thin, very drapy rayon, so I figured I could get away with it.  I also reduced the width of the skirt by about 4 inches to make it less gathery - it worked well in the muslin (which photographed very badly) but it was a stiffer fabric....  not quite sure how it will look, but... I'll make it work one way or another.

The fabric was an impulse buy the other day at the store (ostensibly, I was there for fabric makers...) It looked like water and made me think tropical thoughts.    I intend to wear it to work and pretend really really hard that I am actually on an island paradise*.     It got my thinking of Scruff's  fabric vs. pattern first question. Usually, I am pattern first and then dig through my stash to find something that suits.  In this case, I saw the fabric and knew it needed to be a long dress.   Then I dashed over to the pattern counter, found a dollar-a-pattern sale on simplicity, and here we are today.

Plus.... it has pockets!   

*Those of you who know me in real life may point out that I actively avoid going to the beach.   I respond, no one said I had to sit in the sand and bake in the sun.   I imagine myself in a charming cabana, with shade, a cool drink, a lovely view and nowhere particular to go that afternoon.


  1. Nice fabric! I also like to enjoy the beach from the shade and with minimal sand. We spent our days in Mexico looking for a spot where my husband could work on his skin cancer and wrinkles and I could be shaded and up off the sand. Both of us needed to be near the cabana girls carrying drinks!

    1. excellent, you and I can hang out and let all the crazy people sit in the sun to their hearts content.


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