Friday, June 28, 2013

Help me, hive mind!

Something is off about this dress - and I can't decide what.    I know the proportions are wrong, but I'm just stuck and any advice would be lovely.   I have a little bit of extra fabric (about a half a yard) so I can redo something, and I'd really like to keep the skirt floor length.  Otherwise, anything goes.  Help!


  1. Could you make a wider waistband (does it hit your natural waist?) or remove the skirt and recut so it's not gathered? It looks like it poofs at your hips...

  2. I love the color and how the skirt flows. Maybe you could make the shoulder parts more narrow (or even turn it into a halter top?). It seems to me that the top is a bit too massive....?

  3. I would be inclined to narrow the midriff band a bit, and also narrow the shoulder straps? You're right, it's hard to put a finger on, but it's not quite as awesome as it should be.

  4. The dress is drawing attention to your hips and the straps are taking attention away from your "girls" giving you a pear shape that you do not have. Take some of the fabric away from your hips and away from the straps at the arm hole edge. This will show off your hour glass shape. Just my humble opinion.


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