Wednesday, June 19, 2013

V-2971 - finished at long last!

It took my cousin's wedding, but I finally finished the hem.

Excuse the face.  My family caught me using the self-timer and ignoring their conversation. However, this is one of the better pictures showing the full dress. (What? what? dress?  This is a shirt pattern.   Read this)

Like the original pattern, the front is still a wrap.   It's really the easiest fit ever. 

And now we move on to much nicer pictures that don't show the dress nearly as well.  Fun with cousins!

I signed the ketubah!  (I felt very special - thank you C. and S.!)  I may or may not have had a cheat sheet...

Hi Mom!  She is fake smiling.  You have to distract her to get something real.

but really, what wedding is complete without a bonus alligator?


  1. If you ever get married, I think you should invite me and not invite the gator.

    1. alligators go where they want. one does not question the reasons why.


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