Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dressed Up Practicallity

As you may recall, a few weeks ago I was planning on making this dress - V8319 for summer work events when I needed to be dressed up, but wanted something cool and comfortable.... (this last bit is about to be key)

 I started muslining it up - it was getting close (there are still tons of pulls and wrinkles and I'm a crazy obsessive) but I found it really wasn't comfortable sitting down.   There is a reason I almost never wear straight skirts - I fidget like mad and prefer my clothes to accommodate me.   Then I also realized, it really looked better with heels -  and I wear heels *maybe* once a year.   And even then its rarely for the whole day.  Clearly, this was not a sensible option.   So, I decided to make a fancy shirt that would go with the pants I already have (which happen to look just lovely and totally professional with flats) that I could wear in the summer and still be able to fidget and climb and get strangers to take me seriously, provided they haven't caught me hopping over things.

So, the current plan it a modification of the Next Big Thing Dress, from Twinkle Sews.   I was very taken with Very Prairie's version (abeit, a dress) and have had it bopping around in my head for years now.

I still need to muck around with the waist band - the original is elastic and getting this thing over my head and chest is a bit of an operation as it is - I think I might sneak in a center back zipper to make getting dressed a bit easier. 

I'm still not sure how I'm going to wear a bra with it... the neckline is rather open and visible straps won't do,   and I'm just not a fan of strapless (shooting myself in the foot perhaps, but c'est la vie) so... we shall see.   However, me thinks I'll just suck it up.

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