Monday, October 10, 2011

Dressform PSA - Or Perilous Adventures with Masking Tape

First off, yes Mom, I'm fine.   No one was actually damaged in the making of this dummy.    

Mildly graphic. You have been warned.

Anyhow, as you may know if you've been reading my rambles for a while now, my current dressform is a bit hunched.   Mom and I made it almost a year ago, using Connie Crawford's technique, and it came out well, but as I wasn't standing quite straight enough, its not actually very useful.    Since my cousin was visiting this weekend, I decided to rope her into helping me do a new one, in which I would stand up very straight, and get a more useful result.   Skipping to the chase, it seems that standing around in a plastic bag, while wrapped in many layers of tape may have resulted in heat exhaustion**.  (Seriously Mom, I'm fine.)   For most of the process I was my usual I-hate-staying-still-or-being-constrained-in-any-way grouchy and a little uncomfortable, but nothing too bad, until all of a sudden I was *not* happy.   We're talking had to cling to a doorjamb to stay vertical not happy.   Despite this, I was determined to get the damn thing finished, and probably not at my best, because I still made my cousin put hatch marks on the form so I could match it back up after she cut me out.   At this point, I'm getting pretty bad (its been maybe a minute and a half) and as she starts cutting me out, I started dry heaving, and yet, somehow, not only did she not cut me, she didn't cut my undies.   What can I say, she is marvelous.    (TMI? probably, but I was impressed by her skills under pressure.)

Anyhow, the point of all this, is, while I would recommend the general technique of wrapping your body in tape to get a dummy, DO NOT USE PLASTIC, get fabric or a lightweight nightgown.  If you do it properly, you're wrapped up for about an hour, and it really can get very uncomfortable.

 **A quick webMD search confirms I had all the right symptoms.  But then,  webMD is marvelous in that you can more or less diagnose yourself with anything.   My friend's sister has been banned from using the site by her doctor.  


  1. I know your mom is very happy that you're okay.

  2. Pictures please!!! Want to see the outcome of all this drama ..... what does it turn out like? But good tip on the plastic bag ....


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