Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quick succession of busy nothings

Despite having almost nothing to show for it, I've actually gotten a fair bit done.    I'm 6 seams from finishing the white jacket.  I've drafted a PJ pants pattern for the red and white polka dot knit.   I've done the initial muslin for my winter coat. (No, I'm not showing you pictures, I'm not happy with it right now.)

 I took advantage of a pattern sale and got these three: V1254, V1174 and V1121, and while in Atlanta visiting family, went to two rather amazing fabric stores.    The first, Intown Quilters, has the most amazing selection of batiks I have ever seen, thus I inevitably end up there.  (They also have the more usual quilting cottons, and a splendid selection, but lets face it, I loves me some batiky goodness.)   The second, Gail K's is could best be described as a cave of wonders.  Its is packed to the gills with fabrics of every sort - as in stacked, bolt on bolt so that all you can see is the tips, and you need a step ladder to see half the store.   There are little dead end nooks filled with seersuckers or lyrcas, vast arches of wool, piles of laces and silks and rayons and that weird stretchy cut-out fabric in neon orange that seems to lurk in the depths of all wacky fabric stores with extensive stock.    I didn't get any pictures, as I had no idea what I was in for and had not prepared (Mom found it and insisted I come along) but here are some other people's photos  and they really don't do it justice.
blue/purple mushy batik (Intown) and burnt orange eyelet (Gail K)
Anyhow, things are a bit slow going as I'm not really excited about any of the current projects and want to start making the Cynthia Steffe dress (V1174) out of the black and white polka dots, but am restraining myself until I finish the white jacket.   The fact that it would make more sense to do my halloween costume or my coat afterwards does not seem to play into the baser yearnings of my inner self.

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  1. JuSt saying hi! I've also succumbed to half price patterns in the sales. Exciting, but kind of feel naughty! Good going on your White jacket... Bet it'll be in use soon? :-)


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