Friday, October 7, 2011

And lo! There was a white jacket!

 Holy crap - this took WAAAAAYYYYYY too long.  However, after forcing myself to finish the cuffs last night, I got to wear it today, and am most pleased with the result.  Lovely and warm, but with a mildly distressing habit of picking up fuzz.  (It doesn't help that I have two dark furred cats)  Anyhow, I've decided it looks very elegant, so we're just going to go with that.

Unrelated, almost on topic - the jeans are me-made too.   As my wardrobe slowly converts, mostly me-made outfits are happening more and more often. I look forward to the day when I can take off my glasses and claim everything else I am wearing.  Have I mentioned my secret desire to learn to cobble?   I looked up classes, but they were either in the thousands, on the west coast, or otherwise not workable.    However, someday, someday I am going to make my own shoes, and they will be both flat and reheelable, so I don't wear them out in two months. (I walk funny - not noticeably so, but you can see it if you compare my shoes to a regular person's. )  I also want knee-high brown leather boots with a round toe, a kitten heel with a slightly fluted bottom, a button closure up the side.   No zipper allowed.   I've yet to see such a thing for sale - there have been similar options, but once again, very very expensive...    So, I shall learn to cobble.  (because, obviously, taking up a new hobby, with all its tools and materials makes more sense than buying the damn things and having them now, rather than many years hence.   Do not apply logic.  Apply the joy of taking off my glasses and taking credit for *everything* because lets face it, optometry might be a bit beyond what I can pull off in my living room.)
the right side (on me) tends to fall on both jackets - most interesting.


  1. It looks spiffy! Also, I sympathize on the cobbling thing. Making your own shoes would be soooo awesome...

    As for the glasses, maybe the lenses are best left to the professionals but I bet you could make frames...

  2. Looks good. Definitely shows off your hourglass.

    I'm not so sure about the shoemaking, though.

  3. Great fit on the jacket, but have to laugh about the two black cats and white fleecy jacket bit! hehe! I have a long haired cat so know fur gets EVERYWHERE especially anything fleecy/cord.

    I'm with you on the cobbling, zips aren't the best things for boots sometimes...had a zip get stuck halfway up my leg when trying to get to work and no one to help me either yank it off or zip it up and I was wearing a skirt! Managed to zip it up in the end but it was a fraught 10 minutes! Good luck!

  4. What a great jacket!!! Fits you so well. We missed you yesterday where surely you would have worn it. I like the back view of you and your cat, posing tigether!! Shoes. I think I've seen the odd ad in magazines for sewing your own kits, hmm , not sure. If not shoes it was bags. I'll have to see what I find out. Button boots though would be so cute!!!


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