Sunday, October 30, 2011

yeah, I knew it would happen too.....

Remember that whole plan in which I wasn’t going to get any more fabric until I’d used to a fair bit of what I had?   Total fail.  Complete, utter, falling over and rolling back and forth on the ground failure.  But I have lovely things (and the self-control of a rabid marmot).   

Anyhow – Mom was up for the day and wanted to go to Jomar and get herself some fabric, and of course, I came along – theoretically just looking for some lining for my coat and the red tulle for the polka-dot dress.   I ended up with both of those, as well as some cotton flannel, a silky something in a purplish-gray, an interesting stretch knit, gray polar fleece and 6 yards of dollar a yard woven something for muslins.   Mom, ended up with a loosely woven rust colored something and a striped brown sheer.    Yeah.... I know... but I do love it so...

Now, having added the sleeves to the interlining, and ironed all the fabric for the lining proper, I needed a break from my coat AND new pajama pants – cue the lovely new flannel.    I took apart an old pair that I had worn until it tore to shreds (I am hard on my clothes) and used it as a pattern.   

As you can see, its only the one piece, which made lining up the plaid rather easy.   There wasn't a chance that the inseam would line up, but I used a trick from Selfish (forever ago, couldn't find the exact post), and cut one side and then flipped it over, matched it exactly, and ended up with perfect alignment.

look very closely
matching plaids!!!!
loving the new pants

I’m rather proud of the waistband, as this was a new technique for me – I’d noticed that the elastic was sewn into the waistband seam, to prevent rolling and whatnot, and while I didn’t get the hem and the elastic all in one seam, as had been done in the original, I did sew it down once it was in the casing.   Anyhow, I am pleased as punch and have been dancing about it them since I finished.   All told, they took around about two hours – a very easy project and a much needed finished garment – both as a hole in my wardrobe and as the satisfaction I get from making something I like.   I need the occasional little project to keep my morale up for the long slogs of the big ones.

spiffy sewn down elastic


  1. Im glad you're not dwelling on your guilt. I find, looking back to my pledge in jan, that every purchase is totally justifiable, since making the pledge you think three times as hard when you buy. Nice pjs!

  2. Lovely pjs! Well done! I know, sometimes a nice little sewing hit is good to break up the big ones.


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