Saturday, October 8, 2011

A new home for a purple friend

Alumni!  (purple, 3rd from the left)
About a year ago, well before I started this blog, I decided to try making simplicity 0494 to test out my new serger, and generally practice working with knits.    I'd decided it would be just the thing for an a cappella reunion I was going to later in the month, and whipped it up.    At the time I was so pleased I'd managed to make a knit dress, that I just went with it, but as you can see (probably can't, since its a group pictures) the lines just didn't quite work on me.   I think the pattern was intended for someone a bit shorter, after all, they usually are, as the stomach part hit me just above mine, rather than over it.  The hips were also just slightly off, etc. and so forth, and I ended up not liking it enough to try to do something with it.

Since then, it has hung forlorn and alone in my closet, watching the other dresses get worn and be otherwise and all together loved, until this weekend.   My cousin, who is slightly shorter, but more or less the same size, came to visit, and BAM the dress had a new home.    I got her to try it on, and she loved it (and proved it by wearing it out to dinner).    In the course off all of this, I was showing her the other things I'd made, and she started hinting at a polar fleece jacket, but I quashed that one.  They take too long and I am polar fleeced out.   I'm currently trying to badger her into learning to sew- but then I do that more or less indiscriminately with everyone I meet.   I am a sewing evangelist.

  I'm now thinking about what other random stuff I've made and don't wear that I might try to send her home with.   hrmmm...

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  1. Your cousin looks so happy and pretty in the dress. It's got lovely lines and flatters her figure. Well done for making it and for passing it on to a good home.


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