Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Coat of Many Colors

I liked the pattern pieces so much I decided I needed to share  :)

Also thanks for the well wishes, I’m fine and all is well – and not only that, but the coat is fitting!  There was another muslin, but it was out of a shiny lining fabric and to say it did not photograph well would be an understatement of enormous proportion. 

I can safely say the thinsulate is warm – and not too difficult to work with.   I cropped off the seam allowances and butted the ends together and sewed them up.  However, as the fuzzy side was either going to get caught in the presser foot or the feet dogs, I covered the seams with extra bits and pieces of hem tape (huzzah for hoarding!  It really does come in handy).  As you can probably see, the butted up parts ...drape more cleanly.  I don't think drape is the right word for such a solid material, but look at the right vs. the left.

hem tape seam facings

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  1. Wow! Your pattern is worthy of becoming a garment on its own. It looks so happy and cheerful. Great fit on the coat. Can't wait to see it made up in the final fabric.


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