Tuesday, November 22, 2011

and we're back!

The jack was shorted!   which means it was a five minute fix that I could have done, but, had I started opening up their equipment and something went wacky, I think they would have been disgruntled.


sewing..  because that is in fact the purpose of this particular blog.  I've been a little all over the place lately, so the lining of the winter coat is in progress, the spring coat is nearly done (it needs hem binding and a closure), I have a pair of jeans cut out, another polar fleece jacket cut out and pinned, and a dress that is mocking me with its piping that requires I do the final fit before sewing the shoulders...    AND I am out of bobbins.   There are four, and none has the turquoise (polar fleece) or red (dress binding) that I need.   Just the colors for the coats.  stupidiest hold up ever, I know.  but I'm not actually sure what size they are, so I keep not getting extras.

oh -- and I got black satin last night to make a dress for the choir concert. ... which is in two weeks, so I should probably get my act together for that.  I haven't worked with satin since high school (the dress in question was rather questionable) so we're thinking happy thoughts.

 and because pictures are happy fun piles of joy and wonder, I first offer a close up of the midrift of the spring jacket.  Its made by taking swirls of the primary fabric and sewing them onto the contrast with a very tight zig-zag (kind of like a satin stitch)  I've decided it looks like an obi.   What others think, I do not know, but I am most pleased.

and then, apropos of nothing, we have last year's halloween costume.  (I was cleaning off my camera)   The intent was steam-punk rather then pirate, but I ran out of time before finishing all the extra bits,  plus the color scheme... blue and brown probably would have been better.  Anyhow, its all my own design (and of course, construction)  fun times.  :)

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  1. Yay!! You must Be relieved to be online and not hitched up in an Internet cafe! The midriff looks amazing. I did spy it in the previous photo and it's good to see it up close. And what ACE Halloween 2010 outfits!! Such a cool look ( fit beautifully as I expect with you!) Such a lot of work too ...


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