Saturday, November 5, 2011


 But first, let us take a moment to glory in the fact that I have wifi again.  My router broke, then I was a bum about getting a new one, and then the land line was being difficult about accepting the new one, and all in all, for the past few weeks, whenever I wanted to post something I had to perch on a chair by my front door, with a sideways laptop (for whatever reason it would not work in a normal orientation)   but now, NOW I AM FREE!!!!     free to sit on my couch, free to get distracted and do other things, free to ramble on and on in a post I don't have to pre-write and paste in place.    It is glorious.

Now, the business of the day:  I offer both a flannel shirt and a new pair of pj pants.    The shirt is traced off an old wrap jacket, and taken in just slightly in the back, and the pants were made in the same manner as the previous pair.    (The others may have been in the laundry, and I may have been out of quarters, so I may have made myself a new pair.  One never knows.)  While the shirt was originally intended as a lounging top half for the pajamas, it was so comfortable I decided its going to be a wander around lumberjack style shirt, and wore it to work on Friday.  (There is a lot to be said for an office that just don't care what I show up in.)

Pin curls in progress under the scarf
very much relaxed curls at end of day

even the inseam matches.   (!!!!!)

super hero style.
Also, dino - follow up.   (Thanks for the comments :) )    Yes, I wore it all day long.

The coat will continue soon - I'm a little leery of the slippery lining, but I need to suck it up and cut it out, as the weather is now hovering around freezing and will stay here for the next few months.

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