Monday, November 28, 2011

Bread Turkey!

Who doesn't have her act together?  That would be this girl.   how late is this post?  several days.   What are you looking at?  Turklettes.   That's just how we roll around here.  (I crack me up.)

some context for those of you who aren't me.    We do a vegetarian thanksgiving, but tofurkey is gross and none of us like any of the other meat substitutes, so I make bread turkey.   (bread dough, molded like clay, covered with an egg glaze to get that nice shiny finish, and baked.   Well, there was extra dough, so I made mini turkeys too (yes, those are supposed to be mini turkeys.   look at the one in the center, the little blobs on top are its wings and the bigger ones are its drumsticks. see?  see!!!!!!!!!)

seriously, just go with it.  Its been a long time since I've seen a real one.

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