Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tentacle Sleeves

At a cafe with internet, proving to myself that its the service provider, not my computer.  (they are threatening me with labor charges if I haul them out to fix things and its was my hardware)   Anyhow -- quick post as technically I am in French Club right now, but there are a zillion people so I can be anti social for a few minutes.   Anyhow, below are a few images of the tentacle sleeves of a artsy jacket I have almost finished, but being disorganized at the moment don't have more pictures of....   ah well.   (there is quite the back story on this one, but more later, when people aren't giving me funny looks.)
A zillion million facings

transferring the pattern with wax paper

Okay.... they noticed and are making fun of me.   I think its time to pay attention again --- but look! green lining!     happily all the pulls and wrinkles are hidden in the final, as its a sleeve and it just looks like normal movement crinkles.

Oh -- and the khaki is a stash-buster!  from the original January 2011 set!

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