Sunday, November 6, 2011

On sewing books

Wandering through the bookstore yesterday afternoon, I went to check out the sewing section.   Since they usually only have one copy of any particular title, it tends to update frequently.  Anyhow, I happened upon 'Tailoring, the classic guide to the perfect jacket' which must have been written by committee, as it has no author.   I am in LOVE.   I say this as someone who has a fairly extensive sewing library - this is by far the clearest set of explanations I have ever come across.  There are *6* pages on welt pockets alone - most of which is taken up in pictures documenting every single step.  It even goes into the differences in putting a welt in fashion fabric and in lining.   Needless to say, it is now mine :)   (It even includes action shots of steaming, with spray and mist.  I was quite impressed.)  

Gleeful with good fortune, I continued to browse, and came upon this:  Crafting with Cat Hair.  really truly, not a joke, there is a whole book, that I can only imagine will end up as a gag-gift, but seems to have been written with complete sincerity.   I didn't dare buy it, but I think someday this may end up as a gift for someone I truly want to horrify.  Probably accompanied by fur from my own fuzzy friends.  One never knows.
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  1. I strongly advise against doing *anything* with this book. Really. Don't do it.

  2. LMAO! I have the tailoring one, it is awesome, isn't it?

    We used to contemplate trying to spin yarn from all the wool that came off our husky. Seriously, after a good spring bushing you'd have two or three grocery bags FULL of fluffy dog-wool. And he needed those every couple of weeks.

  3. Have you read the reviews on the Amazon link? The first one is rather scary... Just hope there isn't one with human hair! Yuk!

  4. I saw this recently and had to look twice! My cat leaves his hair everywhere. It's tempting to think there might be positives from what is currently tedious, but can't really imagine fashioning the scrapings from the sofa into something 3 dimensional!


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