Sunday, July 17, 2011

..and now its a skirt

I was playing with the red dress a bit more today, when I decided that I really just didn't like it.   The fit was fine, the color was nice, the style was interesting, but I didn't feel they went together.   Its fairly rare that I wear bright red, and rarer still that I wear a lot of it all at once - and there was nothing it seemed appropriate for - the combination of the cut and the color made it simultaneously too... showy and too staid all at once.  (I was fairly impressed by that actually)     So -- I turned it into a skirt, which actually made everything ten times easier -- as its a knit, I just sewed up the back, hemmed it and did a rolled waist, and bam! skirt!   (with the added bonus of being able to pull it down to cover my knee-caps)    I'm not totally sure what I'll wear it with - as I said, I rarely do red - but I have a green shirt that I think makes me look more like an upside down flower than a Christmas ornament, so probably with that.    When I bought the fabric, the intent was to expand the color palate I usually wear, so I guess it will fulfill its purpose.  Anyhow, this is officially stash-bust #4 of the current count.


  1. Not that I thought the dress was a bad idea at all but how I love that skirt! I bet it hangs & swings, doesn't need ironing & is the perfect travel wear .... what's not to love? The colour is also adorable - I hope you have a lot of fun in it!!

  2. Is that a belly button? How scandalous!


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