Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prep Work -- actually a ramble about my next project

I was going for 40s movie star in this one
My current fixation is the Next Big Thing Dress from Twinkle Sews-- although, more specifically, it is the neckline that I have been mooning over.  Actually, let us digress for a moment -- I really like this book, yet there is not a single design in it I would wear as is.  (hmm, actually one or two of the skirts)  okay, 90% of the designs I would not wear as is, but almost all of them have design features I am all but salivating over, so you should expect to see them popping up here and there over the next few months.  For this project, I plan to use the middrift and 'skirt' of the white lace shirt and the neckline and sleeves of the aforementioned dress.     Sadly, this will not be a stash bust, as I'm going to make it out of the pillowcases I 'accidentally' bought in the middle of the last bust.  (I knew when I saw them that they were exactly what I wanted for something like this, got almost to the register, realized I was in a fabric fast, and then decided it was stupid not to get exactly what I had been looking for - color and everything - in the right amount and on sale.  heck, I should have gotten more!)   so it does not meet the pre-january 2011 metric.  C'est la vie.    I'm actually equally excited about the fabric itself - its is viscose, which just feels so liquidy and smooth that I cannot wait to have this in shirt form.  With two king-size pillow cases worth, I may be able to pull two garments out of this little gem.

..oh, so the 'prep work' in the title refers to lots and lots and lots and lots of seam ripping.

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