Saturday, July 16, 2011

things that happen when one is without a printer

So, I don't have a printer.  I rarely need one, so I haven't bothered.   However, when it comes to patterns from my Twinkle Sews book this presents a bit of a problem.   A friend of mine kindly agreed to print out the pages I needed, but as the whole dress comprises 50 pages, I picked out the 8 I needed... or so I thought.  I missed the 9th, somewhat crucial page, and couldn't start in on my shirt.     Luckily (inevitably?) I had just gotten home from the fabric store (I needed thread!) and happened to have gotten Vogue 8685 while I was there.... and happened to have a piece of stretch knit in my stash that I'd been trying to come up with a use for...   
View D

Now, the pattern called for 60" fabric, and mine was but 51,  so in order to make things work I ended up cutting it out in a size smaller than I would normally wear (stretch knit!!!) Despite my sins, its actually turning out fairly well.   There are some lumpy pulls around the hips where the fabric is a bit tight, but I plan to run some horsehair down the seam to keep it smooth.   (I pinned boning in place to check, and it was lovely... but a bit heavy for practical wear.)

You can't really see much detail in this light, but I've top stitched all the seams to keep them from rolling every which way.   I still need to do facings of some sort (I am down to tiny scraps of this fabric...)  hem it and put in a zipper and it will be set.   I found this pattern to be ridiculously easy.   The measurements on the pattern envelope nearly matched mine, and as I was going down a size and it stretched, I just made it as marked.  All the work shown here was completed in about 6 hours, including time watching a movie as I worked, which slows me down)  The only thing I'm really not happy with is the length.   Between being tall and having the banged up knees of a child, I like my skirts to fall right below the knee-cap.   Had thee been more fabric, I would have made it longer, but I was grumpy when I found I couldn't make my shirt and I wasn't going to let anything like insufficent amounts of fabric stay me from my course.  ...yeah.   c'est la vie, or more specifically, c'est ma vie, comme toujour.

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