Monday, July 4, 2011

jacket progress!

To start with -- google+ is still screwing with everything - tech support has yet to get to my request to have my album reinstated.   (I knew going in that I would encounter problems as a beta tester, but I thought they would be limited to standard non-functionality WITHIN the site... not all this nonsense with a secondary source deleting primary material..)  The point of this, is for the moment, all the pictures of everything I did are gone.    Things are remarkably frustrated over here in blogland.

Anyhow, for some more recent work, and pictures that ought to stay, since the source material ought to be staying put...

To the left we have the interior of the jacket, all tacked down and purty (with the exception of the sleeves, which I noticed as I was taking pictures) 

To the right, we have more or less how I plan to wear it when the temperature drops to a point that layers are reasonable.   (Its currently averaging about 97F here, 36 for you Celsius folks.  I'd like to point out that we also drop regularly to around 4F, which the internet tells me is -15C.  I need to move somewhere more temperate.)  Anyhow,  as a result of our winter wonderland, I've decided the jacket shall be lined, and am currently working on getting that together.   I find I really dislike linings,  its an immediate repetition of work I've already done - but this time with slippery fabric.  No Fun.  However, I will appreciate it when winter rolls around and I'm shivering in my cube with my space heater going full blast.   (although, this accurately describes summer as well.  My office isn't so good with the temperature regulation.)    Also, due to realistic time frame analysis, and the fact that I have no real desire to hop into another jacket the moment this is done, my grand plan of three by October is officially on hold.   I think it will be three whenever I get around to them.   I need some immediate gratification in my future.

In totally unrelated news, and actually about a week ago now, Sonia started sewing her skirt -- and was tickled pink with the result.   Its currently pinned shut in the back, and still needs a facing on the waistband, etc...  but its coming along nicely, and she's very pleased with the result.


  1. Absolutely stunning. Very flattering lines on you.

  2. The jacket is cute. Definitely highlights your figure.


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