Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More sewing books

 Sewing is going slowly in this portion of blog-land.   Real life keeps happening and I only got the pieces cut out for the white polar fleece this evening - so theoretically, and following my usual pattern, I should be sewing it up right now, but in all honesty I can't bring myself to even thread the machine.  Now, we're not talking the serger (which takes maybe five minutes) I mean my regular, pop in the thread and go, 15 seconds to thread machine.   Yes indeed, I am just that lazy. (click it.  trust me.)

However, I got a couple of sewing books the other day and I thought I'd share. The first is 'Alabama Studio Style' by Natalie Chanin, who I've been a fan of for a while.   I knocked off one of her tank dresses earlier this year* , but despite the simple lines I can easily copy sans book, I like her embroidery techniques and other embellishments.   I found myself paging through whatever I happened upon, trying to fix it in my memory, when I decided I was being an idiot (especially considering my views on intellectual property and the ever growing size of my sewing library) and bought it to use as a reference and to support an artist whose work I admire.   

The second is 'Shadowfolds' by Jeffery Rutzky and Chris Palmer.   Its more or less flat, sewn down origami with fabric, except that the designs are such that when you put them in a window, they look like a mosaic.   Even without the added pizazz of illumination, I think the textures produced are stunning and will eventually make their way into my projects.  (The ones I couldn't find pictures of online are even more stunning)

*This is a link to my me-made-june post where I linked to all the construction pages, for which I actually went and reloaded all the pictures!  (Incidentally, apologies to anyone who's reader got inundated with my posts - if it did happen, let me know, because I am thinking about fixing more of my old posts, as this wasn't quite as arduous a process as I'd anticipated.)

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