Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coat Concept

in yellow, I could be a jolly fisherman!
Current concept drawings for the coat.  (Its looking a little like a raincoat, but imagine it in a soft blue-gray wool with snazzy silver zippers. Not that I have found such a fabric yet, but its what I'm going to aim for.)

I've been researching insulation, and found a source for what appears to be 150g thinsulate, the kind intended for extremely cold conditions or for very light activity levels where wearer generates/builds minimal body heat through activity.  The example they give is winter hunting, but I think standing around outside waiting for a bus, or for people to get their acts together probably counts too.   While I've done lined garments before, I've never used a puffy layer (this stuff is a centimeter thick) in a shaped garment, so I'm not quite sure how much this will change the sizes of the inside vs the outside, but I'm kind of tempted to build from the inside out and just make it work.  (I figure that way there is guaranteed to be enough room for me inside.)  But  plan to read up on some coat making tutorials and my various sewing books to see what they have to say on the subject.  (advice is most welcome.)

While the I think the design for the outside is set, I'm not sure about the inside.  I want at least one pocket, but I love secret compartments, so I'll have to see if I can get extra in there.

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  1. I am very interested to see that thinsulate when you get your hands on it---I tried to do a lot of research on insulation layers when I made my winter coat last year (was it only a year ago?) but didn't really get very far, and wound up going with just a bodice interlining from some silvery-backed stuff I had access to locally. It worked well, but the coat's still not quite as warm as I might have hoped. If I were to do it again, I'd probably include a flannel underlining just for good measure, and a wind-stopping upper-back piece. The main thing for the interlining I used was to cut off the seam-allowances and just butt the edges together and join them with a zig-zag. I'm not sure how stable the puffier insulations are, though.

    I love your sketches. I was reading backwards, so I saw your hood sketch and thought instantly of Lisa's---then when to the previous post and saw the inspiration! Yay! :)


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