Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Thinsulate has arrived!

I'm ready for my close up.
... and I've got it in my hot little hands :) All four kinda crinkly, but not noisily so yards.   The textures and hand reminds me of nothing so much as a disposable diaper, but its going to be inside, so it doesn't much matter.    I didn't really get to judge the warmth, as there is something about its scent that really got to my cats, and they kept trying to eat it, but the quick wear it for a minute seemed okay.  Its quite a bit thinner than I'd anticipated, so I'm really not worried about puff anymore - more than anything I'm wondering if it will be thick enough or if I will need more.  
I'd expected a full centimeter of fluff

Fortunately, I got extra - I only anticipate using about 2 and a half for the coat, so I can double line the body for extra core warmth if I want to.

The material itself is composed of two parts, a fuzzy layer (kind of itchy) and a plasticky-diaperish layer (very very thin), you can see the later draping over my thumb in the picture to the left.    Next step is to actually make the muslin, and of course go and buy the fabrics.  I'm trying to be good and finish the white polar fleece first, since I know I'll wear it now (love the green one) and too many projects at once tends to result in a bit of a mess.    ("what other projects?" you say.. remember that pink modcloth dress I was in love with and for which I dyed all that muslin?  Its still kicking around, waiting for me to get over the dying process.
looks cozy, no?
There was also a failure of a red jacket that I tried to finish in a hurry for work and ended up getting irritated with.  Given patience, I'm sure I can make something work, but it too needs to kick its heels up for a while until I am willing to look at it again.   Oh, and I have another pair of jeans disassembled and ready to become a pattern for some newly washed denim.  So yeah....  being good and doing my research and thinking lots and lots of thoughts.   Although lets be honest, if I end up with any kind of free time this weekend, this thing will probably get started..

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