Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things may have gone a little off the rails last night..  I decided I wanted to use my new blue gauze to make Tanit Isis' Grecian dress, however, when I got home I remembered the printer is broken, and the nearest one I have access to is further away than I cared to go.  So I winged it.     I spent a while looking at her techical drawings, patterns and instructions and then basically just re-drafted it - and by 'it' I mean an insane series of costume like things.  I still haven't quite hit her original concept.   
Now, for a while, I intended to veer off, as I thought longer sleeves would be nice (and I like them in the pictures) but IRL they weren't working for me.  The bottom right is the current incarnation, which I was really annoyed with last night, but am actually kind of liking in the picture.  So we shall see what becomes of it.

Come the cold light of day, I couldn't face the gauze anymore, and decided it might be nice to actually finish something.  Thus, I've added sleeves and a zipper to the white jacket.  It still needs a collar, cuffs and a hem and it will be done.  I fixed the odd hip curve I had on the last one - but a few more flaws are showing up in greater prominence on this version  (primarily around the sleeves)  Not sure if I set them in a different way or if green hides more mistakes.   Also, the white turns out to be just slightly transparent, so all the seams show through.  C'est la vie.   I still like it and plan to wear it, so, it becomes a great big whatever.

Oh, and my halloween costume is a surprise. :)    Mostly because I've been refusing to tell people I know IRL, as I want to see jaws drop and helpless laughter, which I think will be more likely if no one knows what to expect.     However, it will be glorious, and I will fully document the process so I can share it later.


  1. I do love your Poses!! Whole lot Of skills redrafting it! Looks good so far. As does White jacket :-)

  2. The jacket looks good. The dress looks Tardis-colored.

  3. Aww, good luck with the reverse engineering! If it helps, I started out with a draft for a short cap-sleeve and added fullness for the gathers to the shoulder (the bust-dart was rotated to the front shoulder, too, if I recall correctly). Oh, and made the neckline on the straight grain, so there's no stretching out on the bias (but it does potentially create those weird back folds that Sewing on pins had an issue with...) The last two versions both look great in the photos, I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

    I am really liking your fitted fleece sweaters---I need something like that!


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