Sunday, September 18, 2011

white jacket progress report

Ignore the wonky lighting, both the jacket and the wall are actually white.  Microsoft photo gallery only allows so much editing.... 

Anyhow, inside out and missing sleeves, but its coming together.   I'm slowly but surely taking down all the seams so it will lie flat.  I still have to do the sides and the shoulders, and then I'm ready for sleeves, a collar and the piece de resistance, the collar.   

In other news, I finally ordered the thinsulate early last week, so lets think hapy thoughts about it arriving soon, so I can play with it and see if it will in fact be warm enough, or if I will need a second interlining.   (This coat will be WARM) (and pretty!)

On a side note, I've been developing a bit of a fixation on the gowns (particularly the skirts) of the early 1900s.  Someone needs to have a fabulous ball and invite me.

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