Friday, September 2, 2011

Help me find the zipper of my dreams!

I have no idea what I am looking at...
Help!!  Does anyone know where I can find an olive(ish) green 22(ish)" separable zipper?  I've found forest green and whatnot on, but most of the other places I looked seemed sketchy... does anyone have a favorite internet based supplier? The only remotely reasonable thing I found at my local fabric store was tan, and in person, it just doesn't work.

But why do I need one?  Especially after I was going on about my nifty buttons (which look like small rocks!) well, whilst playing with it, I decided I wanted it to be motorcycle style, with a side zip, which looks kind of awesome in real life, and is much more suited for the polar fleece than the lapels.  (plus, warmer!) 

Oh, and while at the fabric store this evening (for the less than optimal zipper) I may have ended up with 2 yards of white polar fleece (I'm going to make this up a second time before it gets cold), another three of denim and 2 patterns I have been coveting.  There may have been a 50% off sale and I may have gleefully and wantonly merrily skipped about with a bolt of fuzz nearly as large as I am.   One never knows.


  1. send a realistic color pic and I'll check at G Street

  2. I like the somewhat gleeful confession! I don't know why we all try to not buy fabric when it's the thing that we all love most! I'm guilty of it too!

    I like the jacket as a motorcycle style closure. Try this site They seem to have a wide variety!

  3. I'm sorry I don't have any resources to offer but am loving how it's coming along. Love the side zipper idea!


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