Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Look 6000 - Muslin 1

 Started muslining New Look 6000 this evening -- it comes together surprisingly fast.
Thus far I've:
1) raised the shoulders
2) taken in the top center back and top center front
3) added width to the the front skirt via slash and spread
4) deepened the back darts
5) extended the front gather darts

My plan for the next version (which will probably be this one with sections sewn in place) is to take in the top center back a bit more -- there is still too much ease around the shoulder blades.   Let the waist area out just a bit around the lower back, and increase the ease around the hips a bit, as sitting down would be a nice feature.  I also plan to lengthen the skirt, as I would like it to hit right below the knee after I hem.

I'm not really sure whats up with the waist gathers, but they look a lot nicer on the pattern envelope.


  1. Looking good!

    When you finally get the muslin you're happy with, do you use the actual musling pieces to cut the dress on the good cloth?

    ...or do you alter the paper pattern? If so, how? (by the time I've done some muslins, I'm usually too confused to know what to alter on the paper pattern.

  2. Hi Chris, It really depends on how severe an alteration it is and what sort of fabric I'm using for the muslin. With very few alterations I'll lay the muslin on the pattern and add or subtract tissue paper as needed. With a more complex change, as I expext this to be after tonight, I'll often trace it onto a new piece of tisssue paper, estimate grain lines and other markings based on the original pattern piece and use the new one. If the muslin was tightly woven, I sometimes use it, but its so easy for fabric to stretch that tissue paper seems safer, esp if I intend to use the pattern again later. I'll document the whole process on the blog.

    Hope this helps!


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