Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Look 6000 - Muslin 4

Although Muslin 2 - second set of edits might be more accurate -- I'm just tweaking the one from the other day.   Flattering shots, hunh?  Lets think happy thoughts of summer when pictures can be taken outside.  Although, perhaps not fitting shots.

To fix the pulls under the arms I let out the under bust darts just slightly on the side side (rather than towards my middle)  and also too a dart out at the shoulder.  You can't see it in these pictures, but its a wedge shape with the fat end an inch below the shoulder seam and the pointy bit right under my neck.   (Apparently, I am a hunch back.)  There are still a few pulls near the lower back  but I think I may fix them in the final -- There is also something odd going on with the skirt in the back view -- not really sure what.  I may have pinned it unevenly -- I got rid of the kick pleat by eye....

Anyhow, I think I shall declare this acceptable and move on to actual fabric (I'll show the changes I make to the patterns as well.)   However, there is no possible way this is going to be done by Christmas, as other obligations keep intruding and are going to deprive me of my sewing machine for the next several days.   So perhaps by New Years,  but even that is a long shot.   But soon... soon.

I just realized I should probably test out the collar... so that may make it on here as well.  As I'm using a summer weight fabric, odds are it will be sleeveless... but if I end up adding them, the adventure will continue.  Not for the first time I wish I could just zap things into being -- what a glorious wardrobe I would have.   However, I know perfectly well that if I don't love it, I won't wear it, and then why bother making it?  All of which means, it has to fit.  ::grumbles to herself::

oh, and for Chris -- the shoes from yesterday are Jan, by Tic Tac Toe -- via Zappos.


  1. Looks pretty good to me - forward and on to the actual fabric.

    PS thank for the link to the shoes from yesterday. I got the email you sent and I did reply.

  2. awesome :) - it didn't ever get to me. the commenting section on blogger is wonky.

  3. Gosh Allison - it looks so "smooth" in its fit. Don't think I've ever even aspired to such fit. (Bowing down to the queen of fitting). Fab stuff.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,
    SB xx


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