Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guess who needs more storage space?

Lots of stuff today, so lets take it in chronological order....

Story The First:   Something Black!
After my endless fussing about what to wear for choir I ended up pulling out what we're going to call a refashion -- I took the lining out of a horrible 80s dress someone had given me to tear to shreds.   The thing already had an elasticized waist, so I just went with that, a cardigan I had and the belt I made forever ago.  It doesn't actually pull up to side -- it seems to have gotten caught on my hand, and this is the only picture I have.  Slowly but surely, I am becoming very fond of belts over sweaters.  What you can't see, because of the cropping, is the snazzy old organ I'm standing next to.   

Story The Second: Jomar!

I know I've mentioned this place before, but I don't think I shared pictures -- its a discount warehouse with remnants - but industrial scale, so you can find 10 yards if you want.   

Its the whole top story of this warehouse, and is an absolute blast.    The outside used to be there-is-no-way-in-hell-I-am-getting-out-of-the-car sketchy, but they painted and fixed a bit and now it seems friendlier.

They also have all manner of weird things, but unpredictably, as it depends what shipments they got in lately   By far the oddest thing I have ever found was dinosaur / paw print brocade.  Yes, BROCADE!!!!!!! not calico, not polar fleece, BROCADE.    I seriously considered getting some, but I just hated the pawprints.  They are not accurate dino tracks, which bugged me, and they.... well, made it cutsy/ugly.  So I passed by with great regret.


Story The Third:  What We Got
Mom's picks
Mom was in town for the concert, and demanded the trip to Jomar.  (I really am trying to be good about not getting things until I used up some of what I have, but its impossible when I step inside this place.)  In addition to the usual inexpensive fabrics, they were also unloading industrial size rolls of piping and twill tape for a dollar apiece....there are nearly 300 yards per roll.   We each ended up with a couple thousand in a variety of colors.   Mom ended up with boucle wool, a sheer and fancy piping for pillows.    I got a purple mystery bottom weight for pants, a stripped cotton for a dress, and a bright blue cotton for the NL6000 Fest.   I'd always intended to make it up in green, but they didn't have any I liked, and for $2 a yard I feel comfortable calling this the summer weight version and making another later on if I really like it.   (What am I talking about - if I like it I would make another in winter weight no matter what I spent on this one.  Silly me.)

Next up, after I finish the turquoise jacket, is fitting NL6000, which I have to say it making me more than a little nervous.  the front is all one piece, and the back is fit by a pair of darts!  I KNOW!  It freaks me out too.

Enough twill tape and piping to ENCIRCLE THE EARTH!!!!

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  1. So many things to say.... First, how lovely does that skirt look with cinched in waist? Fab- a somber version of a pink lady. Then, what about the mega seeing heaven? Wow, how long did you spend in there? So much to see and be tempted by- you did well. The blue for nl6000 will be lovely. I'm dying to see it! Good luck fitting- if anyone can, it's you!


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