Monday, December 12, 2011

Emergency Jeans!

Come with me if you want to live!!!

Last night I tore my jeans right before going out.   I duly duct taped the hole, but this clearly wasn't a long term solution.  So rather than patching it, I decided to make a new pair.  (Obviously the most efficient solution.)    I'd cut them out a while ago and had never gotten around to sewing them up... So I can't claim a start to finish in one day, but eh.  I'm still pretty entertained.

I followed Peter's jeans sew-along which I found quite clear, although in a few places my pattern (traced off a RTW) didn't match his, such as having a separate fly.  However, I think it really sped the whole thing up quite a bit.   
This was also the first time I flat-felled anything,  and although it was a little wonky the first time around, I decided to just go with it ... until I noticed I'd sewed the yoke on backwards.  So.... yay for practice! 'Cause I got lots!   

Allison-eye-view  (AEV)
notice any issues?

snazzy double belt loops, also from AEV
 I did the pockets with extra eggplant cotton, and masochist that I am, I went for double belt loops.  Why, I cannot say.  I loathe making belt loops and sewing them on is a henius experience, more so then usual as this is kind of thick denim and my machine couldn't handle it.   I had to attach them by hand!  Teach me to try to make it look nifty.

 The gods of photography were not smiling upon me this evening, so proper photos when I see sunlight.   Even odds on managing that one within the week.  Stupid winter.
stealthy eggplants.


  1. I tore my fave pair (that I only made in September!) a couple of days ago. SO MAD. I don't have another pair handily cut out and waiting, either. I don't think I even have enough stretch denim! :(

    I have done that with the yoke, too. More times than I care to admit. And my pattern has notches to line up and everything. >_<

    Good luck with the sunlight hunt!

  2. I look forward to seeing better photos of your jeans, they're quite a project! I knocked off a pair of Buffalo jeans of mine and then tried to duplicate the ridiculous pockets.... Never again for those pockets!


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