Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The LBD I did not make

day by day from modcloth (for once I wrote down the name)
I'm singing in a concert on Friday, and the women are supposed to wear all black.   Last year I threw together a few things, all different shades and felt as awkward as could be.  So, of course, this year I decided I would make myself a dress... ha.    For no reason I can fathom,  I ended up choosing a black satin when they didn't have the kind of lace I wanted, and for the past week I've been trying to come up with a pattern that worked with the fabric, was appropriate for a concert,  and was simple enough that I could get it together in a couple of days.   (ha)  Anyhow, today I remembered this (points at the red dress in the corner)  If the cap sleeves were removed and the skirt became a-line rather than gathered, I figured it could work and would be pretty easy to draft, especially starting from McCalls 5292 ... just lengthing the bust piece and shortening the middrift - easy as anything  (and then I decided I want to curve the back neckline up into a strap, and of course do the same in the front.... )

Well, I got the neckline curving, but altering the lengths didn't go so well.   Its pretty close, but its just not flattering (thus no pictures.  the world did not need to see this) With a little more tinkering, I'm sure it will be fine, but since I only have today and tomorrow to work on it, and don't want to be up all night on Thursday, I am setting it aside for the moment.    Most frustrating, but less so that ruining perfectly good fabric.

Adding to the insanity, I recklessly joined Scruffy Badger's   New Look 6000 Fest.     I mean, thats not going to require a ton of fitting, or new fabric or a heck of a lot of time or anything.   I've decided not to take any responsibility for my actions, and lay all the blame at Winne's door.  (Although, full disclosure, it my head, you are 'Scruffs') Anyhow, when I implode and smoking chunks ricochet all over the internet, you will know why. *

(Remember that winter coat -- yeah...  ::BOOM::)  Also, for anyone who was wondering about thinsulate - its not hard to work with -- unless you want to tweak the fit.  It gets caught on EVERYTHING and bits fall off.  It also picks up dust like nobody's business.  I think its much better suited for unfitted things that it can just be popped into and enclosed - at this point there is a very real chance I am going to put it aside and switch to polar fleece, as I really do love messing with the fit -- so quilted vests, slippers, mittens, etc... may all be in my future.)

*I defy you to prove I cannot implode AND ricochet if I want to.

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  1. Allison, sounds like you need a nice cup of tea! I'm assuming the fabric you have for nl 6000 is not black? Now that would be a way to optimise your seeing time. But I get the feeling you thrive on challenges such as these!! Keep going, keep happy. Scruffs x


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