Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Green Fringe

From the V&A 
Suddenly Scarlett's curtain dress seems less absurd.

According to an except from '19th Centurey Fashion in Detail'   Fringe was never so greatly in demand as at the present time..Fringe may be said to be the most becoming of all trimmings for a lady's dress...  etc...

Incredible as this dress is, I can't say its particularly to my taste - but I must say I impressed.

(If you haven't seen the Fashion in Detail series from the V&A, they are phenomenal.   I have two and lust after the others.  Someday... someday.  The link goes to the images, but there is a series of books with line drawings and explanations.)

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  1. It's too like a lampshade for me - i much preferred Scarlett's version!


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