Wednesday, December 21, 2011

completely off topic

Who has brand new dancing shoes?   This girl.   (What makes them special?  They have suede on the soles.  Plus, unlike the majority of dance shoes, they don't have mile high heels.)

totally unrelated?  yes.   but awesometastic.   I was going to try to somehow tie this in to something, but lets face it, I just want to show off my pretty new shoes :)


  1. I'm sure this is just a step in your scheme to make your own shoes.

  2. mwahahahaha. :) If all goes well those will make an appearence in a few months.

  3. LOVE those shoes! Where can I get a pair, please?

  4. @ Chris, I got them off Zappos - they are made by tic tac toe, and I think called Jan or Tina. However, there should be a zillion nearly identical styleswith varying heel height. let me know if you saw this, as I always wonder if people see non-linked replies.


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