Thursday, June 30, 2011

MeMade-June Wrap Up, and a Return to Normalicy

I was getting punchy...
Today is the last of Me-Made-June, and I can't say I'm sorry to see it go.   I love the community aspect, finding new people whose blogs I now follow, and just seeing what everyone come up with.   To any of you who participated and are reading this, your very existence in this world rocks mine  - and I truly mean that.   There are very few people in my real world life who sew, and the others just don't get it.  You do, and that means the world to me.     Now, as for the other side of it, I have RSI issues that make mousing and typing difficult (I time posts for when my wrists work) so clicking through all the pictures began to be physically painful to such a degree that it interfered with other aspects of my life, and I had to stop looking at everyone's daily outfits (and consequently leaving them comments) about halfway through the month, which left me horribly frustrated with the whole thing.  

Now for the sewing aspects of the challenge -- It made me realize I need to address the mending pile.  There were a number of things that went unworn because I just haven't gotten to them.   I also decided I need to make more shirts -- prior to this I've always felt I had enough (mostly RTW) and it was silly to replace things just so they would be me-made.  However, looking through the pictures, I find I look better (and in retrospect felt better) on the days I wore dresses or my lace shirt -- the tailored aspects are more flattering to my figure and make me look more like a woman than a girl.    The fact that I am 26 and still occasionally mistaken for a high schooler*   has become irritating - yes yes, I'll appreciate it some day, but I think its time to really haul my wardrobe out of grad student and into full on yuppie. (okay, not really, I think the style I'm aiming for could best be described as elegantly eccentric.... aka I'll wear whatever I want, but it will fit properly.)

Anyhow, with this ramble, I will henceforth go back to actual sewing news of all sorts.

*Best example of this occurred about 6 months ago.   My company was a sponsor of a big science fair, and there were people from various branches at different booths, trying to get kids excited about studying STEM subjects.  Anyhow, I was helping out at my division's, and after duly admiring my work, Mom and I went to look at the rest of the fair.   I was more or less familiar with most of the things being shown, so I was standing back and watching her have a blast, doing all the kid activities, asking questions, etc.    Anyhow, at this one booth, they were talking about carbon nanotubes, which isn't really my thing, and I couldn't answer her question, so the woman running it turns to me and suggests I ask my science teacher on Monday.   (My response that I was (then) 25 and worked in the R&D department of her own company left her a little shocked.)


  1. Ha! Funny story! I have similar stories about my past, and at the risk of repeating what you've heard a million times, looking young for your age does finally reap benefits when you get older... ;)

  2. For some reason, I can't see any of these images.

    Also, how come I can't comment w/ my name and URL? (Note to self: set up an openID).

  3. Yeah, photos aren't working for me, either :(.

    I admit I have not spend nearly enough time looking at the other MMJ pics in the pool. I can just about keep on top of my own posting. Kudos to you for even trying!

    I am happy to say that I haven't been mistaken for a high-schooler recently, although I do still get cracked for ID occasionally. I think the short, spiky hair helps with that too, though.


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