Monday, March 21, 2011

love at first sight

Me thinks this needs to be replicated. The original is rather small (23 inch waist) but.... love love love it. Black really isn't my color (not that this stops me from wearing it) so I'm thinking maybe navy blue. Or you know, green. who knows.

I have two actual vintage dresses, both of which were my grandmothers. However -- she is 5'2 and I am nearly 5'10, so there are a few fit issues -- but I made the brown one work. (i.e. it had generous seam allowances so I let it out a bit so I could breathe.) I managed to get the black one zipped up all of once (I think I had been sick that week, and so was smaller than usual) but as the waist line it so hopelessly high, I've yet to attempt anything.)

I get very jealous when Grammy tells me about walking into stores, and these lovely creations being freely available in all the sizes. If only I had a time machine. (hmm.. period appropriate currency too, as I doubt they take visa in 1955.)

MMM update:
jeans again, -- not the tuxedo ones, the other ones. And the rest of the outfit is the violet shirt and black cardigan from the rock-on pose day. I will photograph it later, but the excitment just isn't there at the moment. I know. but it was cold and rainy. new and exciting things when it gets warm again.

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