Saturday, March 12, 2011

Made them... so it counts

What? What? Peeps? Yes, I know, they aren't fabric, but I'm not at home. I AM DOING SCIENCE.

so, first, a quick MMM update: The tuxedo jeans again. I know, I know, but facing the TSA with a skirt seemed like a poor choice. Plus, its colder here.

now. science. Specifically.... Peep S'mores, or as we call them S'meeps. All tasting notes are provided by a Miss P, to control for individual preference.

Materials: Graham crackers, Hershey chocolate and rabbit peeps.

Method one: Stove

Stove roasted peeps resulted in a pleasant heating of the shell while maintaining some texture in the center. The radiant heat of the newly cooked peep was sufficient to melt the chocolate to a desirable viscosity.

Additionally, it was found that unlike standard marshmallows, peeps will not support more than a brief period of flame before self extinguishing.

Method Two: Microwave

Slightly softened the graham cracker, but imparted a slightly chewy texture to the peep. The chocolate was fully melted, as did the eyes, which previous experiments have found to be indestructible.

Method Three: Oven

Surprisingly, the oven produced the least pleasant S'meep experience. The graham cracker was too warm for immediate consumption as well as having a slightly burned flavor that was found to be distasteful. The consistency of the peep changed from a semi-solid to a near liquid contained only by its sugary purple shell.

Stove s'meeps were considered to be superior to alternate preparation methods. However, general consensus agreed that all methods were inferior to standard s'mores.

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