Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Posting about all my unworn cotton tops the other day made me realize I ought to just suck it up and wear them. Then, this morning it was just slightly above freezing, which I took as a sign to get my act together, so here we have the sunflower shirt. What you can't see is how the ribbons come together in the back and a four-piece sash, as I forgot to get a picture, and frankly standing around without a sweater is chilly.

It is yet another of my batik quilting cottons, aquired during the summer I worked at G-Street Fabrics. (So not only was I in a fabric store, with an employee discount, I was in the calico section, i.e. quilting cottons. Its a miracle my entire salary didn't go right back to the store. However, this was right before starting grad school, so I had to be good.)

Anyhow, its a self drafted pattern. (but based off a shirt I owned)

EDIT: Here is the back, with the four ribbon 'bow'.

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