Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting out with a bang

Granted, its a subtle one, as its still cold, but both are mine! Huzzah for a two'fer! Both the top and bottom are self-drafted copies of items of clothing I have loved, worn until they disintegrated, and now use as a basis for new garments. (with the inevitable minor modification) So, the shirt, which IRL is grape soda purple, is made of a thickish knit and is based off one I got at Old Navy forever and a half ago. The jeans, which are some sort of stretch denim, are based off a pair from Gap.

..and I now have "Pose Like an Egyptian" running through my head ...


  1. Super cute shirt---and hooray for the self-stitched jeans! :)

  2. ....made more entertaining, because I was just reading your to-dos on the subject :)

  3. Those jeans are really gorgeous, and nice "walking like an Egyptian" too!


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