Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hi Suzanne!

First: MMM quickie: just the jeans, and an odd picture at that.


HI SUZANNE! yesterday post posting, I noticed a second follower, and got really excited. (The first official one, may have been coerced... Hi Amanda!) Then I looked to see who this mysterious stranger was, and who should I see but my art teacher from elementary and middle school. (This isn't as small world as it sounds, I had sent her a link after she got in touch with my for my birthday last week) but still --- HI!!!!!!!!!!!1 While she can't take credit for teaching me to sew (mom got there first) she gets weaving, decoupage, print making, batik, etc. so, thanks!

In sewing news, after all my blathering on about this and that, I ended up finding some old scraps of seersucker left over from a project last summer, and have been merrily puttering away at that. Think happy thoughts of a pretty shirt completed in the next few days. (It would be sooner, but I was given a very good book. If you have not read "Three cups of tea" I recommend you go do so. Its about building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan)

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