Monday, March 14, 2011

Life keeps getting in the way of sewing.

On the left we have yesterday's (March 13th's) outfit -- me made lace shirt and jeans. cardigan and tank top are RTW.

Today, as it was rather cold and frankly I need to do laundry, all I had was the coat.

Its supposed to slowly warm up, so hopefully I can start to get skirts into the rotation on a more regular basis. (also, maybe do my laundry... which is more difficult than it sounds, as this requires quarters and my building has no change machine. so... I need to make it to a bank. yeah.)

Anyhow, fairly soon, the sewing machine and I will have some happy fun and get back to the scrappy triangles. (This is not helped by the fact that I got a hold of the sequel to the book I was reading the other day - Stones into Schools. yes yes, advertising, but is a good cause.)(Thanks Em!)

totally unrelated. ITS PI DAY!!!!!!! Can't wait for 4 years from now, when its 3/14/15 -- there will be parties at 9:26 and it will be amazing.

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