Monday, March 28, 2011

planning, plotting and an accidental break-fast

My stash-busting goal was to make at least ten items with stash fabric before buying anything new... and I have failed. (bum bum BUUUUUUM) Friday I was on one of my organizational kicks, and decided I needed a shoe rack, so off to the home store, where I spotted king-sized pillow cases, in green, on massive clearance. And not just any pillow cases, from the brand of sheets I love and have to restrain myself from cutting up and turning into dresses. (Its viscose, which you wouldn't think would be that special, but I just love these...) I got all the way to the cash register before I remembered I wasn't supposed to be buying fabric, and then decided to hell with it. I'm still going to make up the stash things, and ever since I saw Very Prairie's version of Vouge 1152 as a shirt, I've been lusting after my own, and here was the very clearance pillow case for me.

Then! digging through my pattern stash (hmm -- does pattern stash busting count?) I came upon Butterick 4790, which I always liked, but never quite enough to make up. It always seemed a little to 'here-is-my-chest' -- but then I realized, if I do it without piping and all in one fabric, it will just be a quick dress with nice shaping. (you'd think I'd figure this out earlier, considering how much I tend to stray from the recommended ideas patterns come with.) (In my head its a dark green batik with nifty buttons. I know. How very unusual for me.)

Then, unrelated to both, I have been formulating plans for the lovely black dress, which I think I want in the same leaf green as the pillow case. Its not really very different from McCalls 5292, which I already use as a frankenpattern basis fairly often. The current plan calls for it to be ready for a wedding at the end of May, so I'm also thinking of holding actual construction until the first so I can participate in the Pattern Review Knock-off contest. This is the first one that actually fits with something I was planning to do anyway -- so I think April will be for muslins and calculating the yardage of all those pleats.....

MMM Update: Tuxedo jeans again. Someday it will be warm again, and I will wear pretty things and post them because this is getting just too boring for words. And in case you were curious, today's socks feature potatoes wearing sunglasses.

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