Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming back out of hibernation....

it got COLD here.. (there was snow this morning!) do NOT approve. Anyhow, being cold-blooded in the manner of a lizard, I shut down. But here I am again with at least some MMM updates. (I didn't document Wednesday, despite TWO MM outfits -- I was late for dance class and had to change quickly (goodbye outfit one) , and then came back gross and tired (sianora outfit two). The first was the standard jeans, so nothing new there. The second is a dress I haven't yet posted, but will get a picture of Friday when we do the performance thinger.


Here is Tuesday and Thursday.

If you think today's looks awfully similar to one last week, you would be correct. different accessories today, but they don't show up in the picture. you can however, see my ever so snazzy rain boots.

Tuesday's is a self drafted pencil skirt made from a single piece of border print eyelet that I lined with white to make the pattern pop.

the lining (backing?) is tacked onto the eyelet by hand all the way around -- to attach it to the skirt without altering the hang I sewed it to the top selvedge opposite the border print, and then folded it down the meet the edge. (then, darts, waistband, hemming, etc...)


I love to hear from people :)

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