Saturday, April 2, 2011

because lets face it, I'm easily distracted....

For today's interruption, I present Katie and her wedding dress. (Gorgeous, no?) Anyhow, she ordered a custom gown from a place in hong kong, and miracle of miracles, it actually fit when it arrived -- however, there were the usual minor issues. The flower holding on the strap was rather poorly made (the glue was visible through the layers -- see the fourth picture) and there was no way to tie up her enormous train. While I normally avoid doing people's alterations like the plague, I was intrigued by the idea of doing something with a wedding dress, and offered to help. (Plus, I knew I could throw together the kind of flower she wanted in under 20 minutes, and at the time we were discussing this, the plan for the train was to but a strap need the end and have her carry it on her wrist, like the ladies did at the turn of the previous century / Grecian.... to go with her theme.)

Anyhow, the flower came together easily -- I forgot to get a close up, but its on her dress in the first picture. The wrist strap turned out to be a bust, as all the fabric was too heavy, so I threw together a quickie bustle -- i.e. four ribbons -- two above her knees, and two at the end of the train. It gets enough off it off the floor that she'll be able to dance -- and while I'm a little worried that there ought to be more support, I'm going to be bustling her up day off, and I have prior permission to go nuts with safety pins, and I think I shall, as the layer if chiffon on top with hide many sins.)

Notice any similarities? There are reasons we're friends...

In bedsheet dress news, I took it in a quarter inch at each seam while doing the straight stitching, which took a total of four inches off the whole --- much more fitted now, but still not ..tight. However, I am pleased with it, and will just ditch the seam allowance altogether in later iterations. (This this is too comfortable for words. There will probably be many iterations.) (In fact I am wearing it now, because hemming is only required if I plan to leave the house...)

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