Friday, April 1, 2011

Bedsheet Dress!

Current state of affairs is is serged, but not straight stitched (which I'll need to do, as I was lazy and left the black thread in the serger). It still needs bindings, a hem, a side seam, and the pocket I left it open for... but otherwise, dress!

It turns out my seam allowance estimates were more than generous, so it came out rather more like a mumu than the form fitting tank dress I was going for -- but with the extra material gathered under the bust, and the belt I used to hold it onto the dress form yesterday, it actually looks halfway decent.

Also, fortuitous happening of the day, the two panels I cut out from the lighter sheet -- which were chosen at random -- ended up coming together on one side of the dress, and look like I planned it -- so I think I may just go with it, rather than dyeing the whole thing a darker blue. Any thoughts? I could use a second (third, fourth, fifth) opinion. (thoughts on the under bust pinning vs. taking in the seams about a quarter inch all the way around?)

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  1. Well, it looks great with the belt, so you could certainly leave it---Depends if you'll want to wear it without ever. If it were me, I'd be taking it in, but I don't have a cute cinchable waist like you ;)


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