Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bedsheet Dress -- the finale.

And, done! It ended up being just barely long enough (I like my skirts right below my knees) so between length and my issues with finishing the edges of knits (i.e. I am clueless) I decided to try something that couldn't stretch -- bias tape! When I picked it out in the store the color seemed like a close match -- as we can see, this is most definitely not the case, but, as with many random happenings, I liked it, so I decided to let it go. If it bugs me, I'll just dye the whole thing a darker blue.

(the neckline STILL stretched a little anyway -- basically, I need to stop screwing around and actually read up on knits)

random fact of the moment: The hem of my skirt is nearly 6 yards around. (tape = handy measurement tool)


  1. Wow, your dress is lovely! I love the shape of it! And, 6 yards of hem?! No wonder it is so flouncy and feminine... I love it!

  2. Very flattering, and it evokes springtime. Good job.


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