Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cave of Wonders


All shiny and clean :) I have to go through it about every five projects as its not unknown for bits to pile up half a foot high all around the herd. (what? sewing machines are herd animals. Its important for them to have company.)

Next up is finishing the scrappy-dappy seersucker. I got the elastic thread I need for the shirring in the back (it gapes, but I need the ease if I want to do something wacky like lean forward) which will complete my ten items from the stash. I'm going to *try* to be good and not run amok, and do in fact have another stash project lined up.... but there are so many pretty fabrics.. (but then, quite a few of them live in giant plastic boxes that hide under my desk... so, lets here it for admiring from a distance.)

However, I did give in just a little this evening... When I went to get the elastic thread, I stopped and looked through the pattern books (fabric porn?) and found this: Vogue 1239. (mine now!) The funny thing is that is that while I all but hyperventilate when thinking of it as an absurdly elegant evening coat, its officially a dress. And as a dress it seems almost (but not quite) frumpy. (primarily from the back, but with a little bit of armpit action) This may just be me. But me-thinks it will be a coat :)

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