Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seersucker? Done! Stash-Bust? Done!

Yep, I rock my very own world. Last night may have involved trying to on to get the hem line right, dressing it up, and then dancing. Despite not photographing particularly well, the scrappy dappy seersucker goes wonderfully with the black eyelet. With the right accesories (and believe me, I experimented) it manages to be both sweet and kind of badass at the same time. Most pleased.

So now, a quick review of the items I'm counting for my ten thinger total:

purple knit, tuxedo jeans, pink skirt, gauze skirt*, brown eyelet skirt, apron, red dress*, crinoline, bedsheet dress, and of course the two above, the black eyelet skirt and the seersucker top. Some of the posts are a bit sparse, as the projects pre-date the blog and all I have are the MMM descriptions.

Now, were one to actually count, as I just did, there would be 11. Its the stealth apron, plus a healthy dose of not paying enough attention.

*In the case of the red dress and the gauze skirts, these were both reworkings of items I had made previously. However, the red dress used up all the red scraps, and he brown gauze went from sitting in the pile to be dealt with to something I enjoy wearing, so they count. (plus, stealth apron!)

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