Thursday, April 7, 2011

Return of the Seersucker

(Please pretend all of this is crawling up your screen, star wars style.)

Having merrily distracted myself for the past week or so, its back to the seersucker with renewed vim and vigor! The neckline and straps are bound, the zipper is in, I just need to full attach everything (i.e. el straps) and hem it, and this sucker will be done!

It often astounds me how a project that is just dragging on can become exciting again just by putting it down for a week.

Also, further thoughts on the bedsheet dress. While taking the four inches off did help, it still isn't tight enough to wear without a belt. However, due to the age of the fabric and the lack of good stretch and recovery these days, I am hesitant to take it any further. However, I think its going to be a good basis for future dresses. I recently got a pair of red flats and I've decided I need a black dress to go with them... (so yes, I shop backwards. it happens)

plus, I seem to be sinking into the floor...

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  1. Yeah, short of lining each bodice panel with power mesh, I think you may be at your limit given your fabric. You look damn good in the belt anyway. :)


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