Thursday, June 23, 2011

musings on the currents state of the projects

oh the shame...

 Its funny, I had this whole rant written down about how much I loathed the current incarnation of the dirndl dress, how it was awful beyond repair, etc....  and then I loaded the picture.   I still don't like it, and I think there is a LOT of room for improvement, but I do think I can salvage it.   Its shown here with a belt and crinoline, as I, in my despair the other night tried to make it look like anything but a floppy and flappy night gown of doom.    (It still kind of looks like one... grumble and groan.)

the joy!

Happily the jacket is coming together nicely.   I'm currently working on tacking down the bust pleats, as the original plan of tacking them top and bottom and allowing the fabric to do its thing ended up in a nasty case of puffy-bust that looked a lot fake and a little tacky .. so.. tacked pleats.

Now, the past three (no, wait, FIVE!) days of me-made-june!   (someones been slacking...)
6/19 - the bedsheet dress
6/20 - me drafted and made skirt
6/21  the frankenpattern

6/22  me drafted 6 panel skirt

6/23 TWO outfits!  me made shirt, capris and dress!!!

 Yeah, this daily posting thing...  not so on top of it.   I'm hoping I'll get myself together when June ends and I don't have to worry about all this extra stuff, and getting pictures of my outfits, flicker, etc.   It does cut into my sewing time.


  1. That bedsheet dress is so gorgeous on you. I love every picture I've seen of it.

    Is the problem with the dirndl just that it's too loose? Would you be able to add some shirring to a section in the back and bring it in that way? (I'm on kinda a shirring kick right now, at least mentally... it'll show up in the sewing soon enough)

  2. Thanks! If I weren't documenting what I wear each day, I'd probably be in it even more often :)

    I hadn't thought of shirring -- I'm starting to think the issue is in part the width of the skirt, the print, and yes, the ease. (I don't really like ease....)


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