Sunday, June 12, 2011

drindle developing

gratuitous cat picture.

From Saturday, me-made skirt that well pre-dates the blog.  I made its original incarnation (floor length) in high school.   A few years ago, I decided I'd wear it more often shorter, cut a bit to high, and ended up adding the purple band it make it work.

Today, we have the wrap-dress and a me-made apron.  (Today was a very cooking-centric sort of a day -- although the photo is a total fake.   I'd made lasagna earlier, forgot to get pictures until after I'd cleaned up, and while I will be doing cookies later, I felt like getting this done now while there was still sunlight.  I'm looking into pasta-water I'm about to dump out)

Actual sewing news:   I've lined the bodice of the drindle-dress, and I'm happy with the result.   (There is a little wrinkle of extra fabric above the bust, but I was wearing a different bra while doing the fittings, so that will be taken care of when I actually wear it out.  Oh underpinnings, what trouble you cause in your variations.)  Next up is attaching the skirt and making it not look like a nightgown.   Thank you for suggestions from the other day.... I'm going to have to experiment for a bit to see what works.


  1. LOL! I just commented on MMJ, watcha cooking? and just read your confession here! Old pasta water, that's hilarious...
    Do you mean a dirndl, like the dress of the German national costume? It sort of looks as though it's going to be like that. Can't wait to see it on MMJ...

  2. ...yes.... spelling isn't one of my stronger points

    thanks thanks :)


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