Monday, June 27, 2011

Mostly on Spandex

This is pure MMJ, as I'm still taking seams.
stealth spandex

On Sunday, I went rafting, and while terribly fond of such adventures, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to pull of a me-made for the day, without resorting to the outfit I would change into afterward to drive back home.   ( Which would count. and I did, and I documented, but still, not as fun)  BUT WAIT!   I remembered that last summer I had made a bathing suit... but not just any bathing suit, a seersucker one, the shorts of which had maybe a one inch inseam, and required rather more coverage if I were going to do crazy things like sit on a towel in public.   Thus, I started playing with spandex, and made myself some little shorts to go underneath.   So I rooted through my drawers, found 'em... and realised this was not a picture I really needed up put on the internet, so here you can see me pointing to s small sliver of dark blue... thats the spandex.   Everything else is RTW
tiny sliver of spandex

Anyhow, the spandex got even more covered up, as I felt the cool conditions and the fact that the rivers = sunburns meant more clothing would be a very very good idea, so as you can see, it became even less visible.  However, it worked out well, and I had a grand time.  (I got to be captain, and promptly declared us the pirate ship revenge, myself the dread pirate Roberts, and informed the rest of the armada we were sailing with that they were scurvy swine.  This may or may not have resulted in my getting drenched, but water guns were the theme of the day, and I was armed too, so it worked out alright.)    Oh, and I wore the capris home, because friends don't let friends drive damp.

on the river
lovely dry clothes

Then, for today, I wore my lace shirt.  Its one of my favorite and needs to be duplicated.   (I have some fabric in mind, but there are so many things in my queue, we'll see when it actually happens)

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  1. The lace top is gorgeous!
    And, what can I say? Yay for spandex! Sounds like a fun time.


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